Instabuilder Review 2.0 – A Cheaper Alternative to Clickfunnels


Instabuilder Review Bonus

“Easy to use Drag and Drop Software creates all your landing pages in mere minutes, without expensive fees …”

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Instabuilder Review Bonus Page

Instabuilder Review Bonus

Thanks for looking at my Instabuilder Review Bonus

A question I get quite often is “Anthony Click funnels is way too expensive is there any alternative solutions that I can use out there.” 

Well yes there is and an alternative solution that I sometimes use myself is a program called Insta builder.  

This is my full Indepth Instabuilder Review Bonus

Price Comparison of Instabuilder and Clickfunnels

So firstly let’s compare clickfunnels and instabuilder together.    

So clickfunnels is a very good software, but I know lot’s of newbies are on a budget, a monthly plan costs $97 and you get a 14 day trial and the full suite costs $297 /month.  

And these are Instabuilder plans as you can see this is a one time payment of $77 per month for 3 domain plan 1 year support and update, or developer license is $197 or $97 for the unlimited License.

How Technical is it?

Now I must point out that instabuilder is a wordpress plugin, so you will be required to have a wordpress blog, and a domain name.  But you can usually pick up a domain name for under $10 and basic hosting for under $10 as well.  

There is a bit of techy stuff, you will have to get your domain, hosting and wordpress setup, and then get your wordpress plugin setup as well, but you can usually get your web host to do it for you, or if they don’t provide support you could go to fiver and ask someone on fiver to do it for you.  

But with click funnels, you get all the hosting included in your account, if you want a domain you just need to connect the domain to your click funnels account.

So guys they are the pros and cons of Clickfunnels and Instabuilder.  

Please check out my video review for a more indepth review of the members area and the sales page.

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Thanks for taking a look at my Instabuilder Review 

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Instabuilder Review Bonus

Thanks for taking a look at my Instabuilder Review Bonus

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