The #1 Strategy to Promote Affiliate Products Online in 2018

The Number 1 Strategy ToPromote Any Affiliate Offer…

When it comes to promoting affiliate products online, there is one thing you should be doing to stand out from the crowd.

People often get lazy and don’t implement this step, or simply they don’t know how to do it.

But if you do this #1 strategy, that other super affiliates are doing, your going to start seeing some awesome results.

So when it comes to selling affiliate products online, there’s this one thing that a lot of newbies don’t do.

The fact is, people have to have a reason why they want to buy your affiliate product or offer.

Plus, they need to gain trust from you who is selling the offer.

And this is where Preselling comes in…

So what is preselling?

In a nutshell, preselling is the process of getting someone ready to buy any product or service that you’re recommending.

This is very important, because if you don’t do this step, people won’t buy from you and you won’t make any money online…

You can’t just send traffic to an offer hoping someone will buy it.

I’ve learn’t this mistake myself and it took me a while to figure out why people were not buying from me.

You need to presell the offer, that is important…

So how do you do it?

Create a Presell Page

what I usually do is create what’s called a presell page or a bridge first.

Before sending traffic straight to the offer.

Don’t send traffic directly to your affiliate link.  This is a no no.

Instead of doing that, you want to send the traffic to a presell page instead.

This is really important..

This is going to do a lot of things, even though you probably have a good offer, and you send traffic to your offer, people are not just going to buy straight away.

So how do you create this page?

Creating The Content

What I usually do is start with a headline.  I usually match the headline with the sales page.  Make sure that it’s congurent to the offer, and that it’s not misleading or anything.

Then you want to make a video of yourself reviewing the product.

Lot’s of people are scared to do this, but to be honest, as I said, people are not just going to buy from anyone.

You have to show them inside the product, and what they are getting.

This also helps to build trust and credibility.

IF you don’t have this on your page, don’t even try.  It’s really important.

Next you need to have a call to action button, this button is used to send the user to the affiliate offer.

After the button, I talk about the product in text form about 200-300 words, what the prices are and what the upsells are.

Next I offer bonuses.  Having your own bonuses is really important, because your competiting with so many other people out there.

You want to stand out from the crowd.

The best way is to provide your buyers with some bonuses that will complement the training to help them out even more…

If you see what other super affiliates are doing, you’ll see that they all provide bonuses.

After this section, I’d like to put some proof from sales pages, and then I have a call to action button.

After that I put some text saying thanks for visiting the page, and a picture of me.

So guys this is pretty much what you need to be doing in your affiliate marketing business.

If you want to know more about how to structure your reviews, put bonuses together,